-Photographic series that represents the recent Spanish immigration to Chile-

In the last 10-15 years, Chile has become a destination for thousands of immigrants who have left their country to seek a better life, a situation that has increased in the last five years. While the majority of immigrants are from Latin America, there are groups coming from other continents. Among these, the Spanish population is paradigmatic. Following the Spanish social-economic crisis began in 2008, has been happening a progressive and visible Spanish arrival of young professionals to settle in our country.

The purpose of this essay is the visual representation of this recent migration from Spain to Chile, and migration in general, by portrait of a representative group of migrants. To this end, I’ve chosen 20 Spanish citizens who came to live and work in Chile from 2008, motivated by the difficulty of access to jobs in their own country, or that been arrived for another reason, do not return to their country by circumstances above.

The fundamental concept is migration. That concept becomes a metaphor by taking a certain reality and expressing it visually. The format of "objectivity" of the presentation seeks to appeal to the subjectivity of the observer. Is this, after all, which feels and thinks from reality and concept that are presented.


To portray migrants I took full body photographs, with usual personal clothing, illuminated with flash, with black background. Their positions are front and "natural", that is, devoid of contrived poses. Thus, within a framework of certain secrecy and neutrality, the observer inquiries from their own readings surreptitious codes that will transmit images.

The black background represents the absence of a real physical space. They look like floating on a "limbo". This is the place (or non-place) of people that has left their own habitat to inhabit another, but given the short time, it is not actually theirs. The black background represents an intermediate state; an unknown future that could be to return or to stay.

Next to each photograph is attached basic biographical information handwritten by each portrayed: name, date and place of birth, date of arrival in Chile and activity. This information is sufficient and essential to the message of the project. Represents the bridge linking the image to the immigration context, it presents the subject, reveals the secrecy and introduces another mystery. Derek Roy Womens Jersey