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About the autor

I am Photographer and MD. I mainly portrait living and non-living beings, where the anthropological, the social and the symbolic coexist.

I have done my artistic training independently, through workshops, courses and a diploma in Aesthetics of Photography at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

I have had individual exhibitions such as “País de la Ausencia” (2010), “Fronteras” (2012) and “Diez Minutos” (2014), exhibited in various regions of Chile. I have participated in national (Valparaíso, Coquimbo, Concepción and Santiago) and international group exhibitions (USA, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina).

In 2010 I published the photography book “País de la Ausencia” which is linked to the poetry of Gabriela Mistral, distributed in Chile, Germany, Argentina and Brazil.


2011: Esthetics and Theory of Photography. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago.

2012: Master’s degree in Photography. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago.

2024: 7 days workshop with Alec Soth ( San Miguel de Allende. Mexico.


2010: Country of Absence (País de la Ausencia). Santiago, Viña del Mar and Vicuña. Chile.

2012: Frontiers (Fronteras). Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho. Santiago, Chile.

2014: Ten Minutes (Diez Minutos). Sala Cenfoto. Biblioteca de Santiago. Santiago, Chile


2011: First Visual Anthology of Young Chilean Photographers (Antologia visual de Jovenes Fotografos Chilenos). Participating with the project “Human topography” (Topografia humana). Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. Santiago,Chile.

2011: “Diverted” (Desviados). Open exposition in bus stations. National day of Photography. Santiago, Chile.

2013: Outdoor exhibition “Fotoziti Valparaíso”. Valparaíso, Chile

2014: International Photography Festival “Foco 14”. Coquimbo, Chile

2015: FOCOM 2. Santiago y Concepción, Chile

2016: “Chilean album: portrait of a nation”. Participating with project “Country of Absence”. Centro Cultural La Moneda. Santiago, Chile.

2016: Migrants, Memory and Culture. Participating with project “Frontiers”. Santiago, Chile.


2013: Nude figure in Landscape. Carmel Visual Arts. Project “Human Thopography”.
Carmel, USA.

2014: Paraty International Photography Festival. Project “Legs”. Paraty, Brasil.

2015: Migrants, Memory and Culture. Participating with project “Frontiers”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016: Migrants, Memory and Culture. Participating with project “Frontiers”. Montevideo, Uruguay.


2015: Country of Absence (País de la Ausencia) – Color Book. Distributed in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Germany.

2016: Frontiers (Fronteras). Object-catalog. Independent distribution.


2010: Rio – Visual Essay. Explora Photo Magazine.

2013: Nude Figure in Landscape. Book-catalog. Independent distribution.

2013: Artistic work analyzed in the theoretical book “Creole Image” (Imagen Criolla), about Chilean contemporary photography. By
Nathalie Goffard.

2013: Photozine “Gerrilla”. 8 th edition. International contemporary photography publication.

2015: Exhibition book. Festival Internacional Foco 14.

2016: Exhibition book. Álbum de Chile: Retrato de una nación.

2001: Photography contest Paula Magazine. First prize.
2015: International Contest “Memories, Migrants and Culture”. ( First prize.